The Elder Scrolls Online: Presentation of Crafting

The Elder Scrolls Online: Presentation of crafting

The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG that will be released later on this year. The game is designed using the theme of the Elder Scrolls action RPG single-player games. While it doesn’t attempt to completely change the classic “rules” of MMOs, TESO does contain significant improvements in key aspects of the game, crafting included.

Crafting essentials

To begin with, TESO will have five crafting skills: Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Alchemy, Enchanting and Provisioner. These professions will cover all the items that are needed in-game. Every player will have allocated a number of skill points that he can choose how to divide between the crafting skills of his choice. While, players can invest their skill points in multiple crafting skills to become general crafters, they can also choose to use them all for maximizing only one profession and become a Master Crafter. Being a Master Crafter allows the player to create the best items available for the chosen crafting skill.

Crafting in ESO was designed to be more than just a way to make money and some decent items. Crafters will be able to make gear just as good as end-game PvP and PvE loot, but it won’t be easy.

How crafting works

In essence, every crafted item will require two ingredients (materials). From here, things get complicated, not necessarily in a bad way. TESO crafting system wants the players to experiment. That is why additives can be applied on crafted items. An item can have up to three additives, and different combinations will yield different properties for the item. This allows discovering powerful recipes that players can trade/share.

Based on the above mentioned ingredients, the crafting interface will have two ingredient slots (one for the Primary Ingredient and another one for the Secondary Ingredient) and three additive slots.

Even items looted by doing PvP/PvE content can have additives applied on them to further improve their stats. Items such as weapons and armor will also be created in the racial style of the crafter (e.g.: Orc style if the player is an Orc). However, TESO’s devs hinted that there will be a way for players to learn the other racial styles and even apply them to already created items and change their looks.

Depending on the crafting skill they want to use, player will be able to craft in a special location. Armorsmith and Weaponsmith require an anvil and a forge, Provisioners will need a fire or a campfire, Alchemists can only craft in their laboratory and Enchanters will have a special table they can do their crafting on.


Just like other systems in TESO, crafting encourages interaction between players. Progressing as a crafter is also meant to be fun and challenging at the same time, so results will provide satisfaction. Also, the fact that crafters will be able to make items of similar quality with dungeon and PvP loot gives crafting skills a major role in more than just the game’s economy. You can participate in interesting crafting-related discussions as well as other aspects of the game by joining a dedicated TESO forum or fansite.

The Advantages Of Presenting Personalized Golf Gifts

There are no strict guidelines, no prescriptions adhere to when it comes to gift-giving. It’s tricky though that you select a gift that is of importance and of interest to the gift recipient. For instance, if you want to give a person who’s a lover of golf, you can give him personalized golf gifts. There’s an art in giving gifts, not just in terms of the object you select to give but to the kind of gift presentation, as well.

There are a number of very attractive and unique gift wrapping in the market now, and the choices are endless. So when you decide to surprise a person with a gift, consider selecting a personalized gift item.

If you want to give a person who is a lover of golf, the following are the advantages of personalized golf gifts:

• Budget

One of the advantages of personalized golf gifts is that they need not be expensive or lavish. It is true that playing golf is a very expensive sport endeavor, but there are various gifts you can select from that you can personalize and yet not spend a big amount of money for it.

For a lover of golf, buying a t-shirt with his name and golf logo printed on it is very practical and can be used for a number of times while enjoying a round of golf. You can also select a golf bag and have the recipient’s name printed on it for a more personal touch.

• Thoughtfulness

When you surprise someone with a personalized gift, it means that you are very mindful of the recipient’s own interest. It is a way of conveying that you made an extra effort to make the person happy with the kind of gift you selected. If you want to give your golf buddy a gift, one of the advantages of personalized golf gifts is that it is made especially for him/her. It is your way of making the golf gift recipient feel special because the gift you chose is related to his/her passion.

• Distinct

We all know that at times, when we sport the same accessories like golf bags, golf towels, among others, there is a tendency to confuse our stuff from those belonging to another person. One of the advantages of personalized gifts is that they distinctly identify your belongings from the others.

• Memorable

Another reason or one of the advantages of personalized golf gifts is that they would be remembered by the gift recipient for a long, long time. Most personalized gift items are unique and can hold a sentimental value. In your case, when you give someone a personalized golf gift, let us say a personalized golf ball, the recipient will always remember you as someone who has given her/him a golf ball with a personal touch, as compared if you just sent ordinary golf balls. More meaning, more sentimental value is attached to the personalized golf ball that you gave.

Should I Accept the Difficult Task of Presenting a Eulogy?

The death of someone you love is an difficult and distressing time for the relatives and friends of the departed. One of the most challenging facets of the funeral service is giving the eulogy. Being asked to give the a tribute speech at a funeral is an honor, but can magnify the stress and sorrow of losing someone you love. In the event that you’ve been asked to provide the eulogy, it’s natural for your sentiments to be mixed.

To succeed in this endeavour, you’ll need to channel your sadness, memories and love for the departed soul into words, which you’ll have to deliver to your fellow mourners, in a way that comforts them and leaves them feeling closer to the departed, to better cope with their own sorrow. This is not easy, but there was, without doubt, a strong rationale behind asking you. The friends and family of the departed feel that you are strong enough and compassionate enough to prepare and deliver a truly inspirational eulogy.

In the event that you’ve been asked to deliver the eulogy, you must make a swift choice regarding agreeing to the task. A memorial service is not something that can be postponed, and in case you refuse, you must give the family enough time to find another person to speak.

If you do accept, it’s not something you can change your mind about, or back out of later on. Should you say no to delivering the eulogy, you put additional stress on those arranging the services, which could reflect poorly on you. No one can pressure you to take on the job of presenting in the memorial service, however I would recommend that that you do accept. This is an accolade to you, in addition to an opportunity to support the family and friends of the departed.

An exception to this might be if, unbeknownst to the family, you and the departed had a falling out, and you feel so negative about the deceased, that you are unable to honor their memory. In this case, then you should almost certainly consider not attending the burial ceremony at all, and politely explain that you are out of of town or otherwise occupied.

If you commit, it’s important that you recognize that this is a responsibility that will require preparation, thought and practice. The good news is, you can find information available to help you with this task, so you can create an inspiring eulogy that will provide come consolation to the bereaved during their time of suffering.

Presenting a Compelling Business Story

Every business needs to have a definitive position and a compelling story. Customers won’t buy anything from you or even entertain the idea if you don’t have a story that touches them on an emotional level. It’s human nature.

Before you can ever have a prayer of getting a prospective customer to consider buying anything from you, you need to make them understand that you have the ability to solve their problems and the reason that you can solve their problems is because you have been where they are at some point in the past. That is the emotional connection. Your story must meet some objectives. First, it must demonstrate your hook in the marketplace. In other words, it must show why people should hire you over your competition. Second, it must go deeper into the reasons why your competition’s offerings are a thing of the past and why yours are what is relevant right now. In order to establish those objectives, you need to ask the following questions:

Why does your prospective customer need what you are offering at this very minute?

It is critical that you identify your customer’s problems and come up with a way to solve those problems. If you are able to do that, your prospective customer will see you in a whole new light and your credibility and trustworthiness will start to take hold. You should be able to express a deep understanding of what your customer is going through and offer a solution or one of several solutions to them. Another part of the conversation should be an explanation about why the solution to the problem should be executed right away.

What makes your solution different (and better) than someone else’s solution?

The chances are very good that your prospective customer agrees with you that a solution is needed; however, the part that will possibly take some convincing is making a move from the old vendor to you. Many prospective customers are reluctant to make a commitment right away. Change is difficult and there is the fear that there will be some irreversible consequence if a decision is made impulsively or too quickly. Your conversation can go something like this:

Identify the prospective customer’s problem.
Explain why a fresh approach is so important and why it will be effective.
Come up with three to four possible solutions to their problems.
Convince the person that only you can give them what they need.
You also need to convey how your solving the person’s problems will improve his or her life. Your story should also include the idea that the person’s future will be better because of your having solved his or her problems. When it comes to sharing your story, you not only need to use a catchy phrase that will attract the person but your story should have much more substance than that. It should really touch the person and make them feel that what they are experiencing is not unique to them. They should be made to understand that you can empathize with exactly what they are going through.


Presenting your story, a story that is compelling, sensitive, educational and human is the only way that you will successfully touch the other person. You need to make him or her understand that you truly feel what they feel and that you have the ability to solve whichever problems they are experiencing.

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