3 Behind the Scenes Secrets to a Terrific Presentation

So often I’m telling you how important it is to have a Signature Talk (and it is!). What you ask me is why and HOW? Why is easy: having a Signature Talk raises your expert status and bottom line. How can be tricky so today I want to share a few key tips for giving a terrific presentation.

1. Perhaps the most important and often overlooked aspect of being a good presenter is connecting with your audience. Think of yourself as in relationship with your entire audience. Each time you present, even when you present the same material, is a unique event. It’s a performance experience that connects you, your vision and your audience in a way that enlightens everyone and grows your business. How do you connect with your audience? Understand that you are there to serve them and they truly do want to hear your message. Connect with them through your voice by speaking with enthusiasm, with your body by standing tall and making eye contact and with your message by using clear and memorable language.

2. That brings us to my second tip which is your content. Create a clear and compelling presentation that shares what you have promised to share without overloading your audience with information. Organize your presentation into an introduction where you explain what they can expect from your presentation (who are you, why are you here and what will they learn by the end of your talk), a body where you share your content and a conclusion where you remind them of your key points and explain how they can get more (i.e. your call to action). In general, you only want to have 3-5 key points in your presentation. This is a rule of thumb there are many ways to organize a presentation but when in doubt stick with 3-5 points.

3. What ties together everything for a terrific presentation? YOU. Your personality is your #1 asset. Don’t be afraid to express who you are. If you’re funny; be funny. If you’re serious; be serious. If you’re amazing at statistics; throw in some statistics. Hey, if you do a cool magic trick it might make a great ice breaker. The key is to be yourself. There is no one right way to present. You need to follow the rules of connecting with your audience, writing compelling content, being prepared, etc., but beyond that there are no rules. Allow your passion for your subject and for your desire for your audience to be successful to shine through. Let the audience know that you care about them. Be genuine and transparent. Be everything that you are. That’s the real secret to a terrific presentation and it’s what makes all the other pieces fall effortlessly into place.

Have fun with this!

Things To Think Of While You Make Your Presentation

It is a wise thing to plan what you will be saying and doing before your presentation starts. Even more important be cognizant of what is going on in the customers’ mind during the presentation. You want to make the prospect want to own what you are presenting. During the presentation keep these things in mind and be aware of them.

Try to find out what their needs are:

You must find out the hot button, the most important motive that would cause the prospect to buy. Is it convenience, pride of ownership, accuracy etc.?
What is the prospects biggest headache or his greatest weakness in what he is doing now?
How is he doing what he is doing now?

Explain Benefits
Here you show clearly how each of the major benefits applies to his business. How will what you are presenting benefit him, help him obtain more profits, provide greater convenience, perhaps more or better information.

Proof- Offer it.
Are your claims backed up by evidence? Does what you are demonstrating fit his needs? You can use testimonials, user lists, literature, portfolios.
Is there anyone near that the prospect can call or visit to support your claims? ( Careful here, before you do this make sure the person you recommend is on your side and will support, not hinder you.)
Can you compare the present way things are being done to what you are presenting. Emphasize the benefits of using what you are presenting and prove it? Try the split T method, Column A what is being done now. Column B how it will be improved.

Close-Ask for the order
A gentleman who was old, wise and monumentally successful when I was just starting out would say one thing to me while I passed his desk on the way out of the office “Do not forget to ask for the order”. Did you get agreement on several points or on the main point – did you hit the hot buttons?
Did you answer all questions and handle all objections that were raised?
A good way to close is to sum up each of the agreed upon points and ask for the order.

Trying to envision these things before the presentation starts is helpful but keeping them in mind during the presentation is what will give you the best chance for success.

Oh and let me add this,” Do not forget to ask for the order”.

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