Should I Accept the Difficult Task of Presenting a Eulogy?

The death of someone you love is an difficult and distressing time for the relatives and friends of the departed. One of the most challenging facets of the funeral service is giving the eulogy. Being asked to give the a tribute speech at a funeral is an honor, but can magnify the stress and sorrow of losing someone you love. In the event that you’ve been asked to provide the eulogy, it’s natural for your sentiments to be mixed.

To succeed in this endeavour, you’ll need to channel your sadness, memories and love for the departed soul into words, which you’ll have to deliver to your fellow mourners, in a way that comforts them and leaves them feeling closer to the departed, to better cope with their own sorrow. This is not easy, but there was, without doubt, a strong rationale behind asking you. The friends and family of the departed feel that you are strong enough and compassionate enough to prepare and deliver a truly inspirational eulogy.

In the event that you’ve been asked to deliver the eulogy, you must make a swift choice regarding agreeing to the task. A memorial service is not something that can be postponed, and in case you refuse, you must give the family enough time to find another person to speak.

If you do accept, it’s not something you can change your mind about, or back out of later on. Should you say no to delivering the eulogy, you put additional stress on those arranging the services, which could reflect poorly on you. No one can pressure you to take on the job of presenting in the memorial service, however I would recommend that that you do accept. This is an accolade to you, in addition to an opportunity to support the family and friends of the departed.

An exception to this might be if, unbeknownst to the family, you and the departed had a falling out, and you feel so negative about the deceased, that you are unable to honor their memory. In this case, then you should almost certainly consider not attending the burial ceremony at all, and politely explain that you are out of of town or otherwise occupied.

If you commit, it’s important that you recognize that this is a responsibility that will require preparation, thought and practice. The good news is, you can find information available to help you with this task, so you can create an inspiring eulogy that will provide come consolation to the bereaved during their time of suffering.