7 Negotiation Killers

Negotiations fail, stall or breakdown for various reasons. Don’t let these seven high frequency negotiation killers strike down your strategic alliance opportunity, stall your long range planning, or budgeting process.

The good news is that just like most aspects of business, particularly if it’s market facing, the actions during a negotiation are easy to recognize and categorize if you know what to look for.

I wanted to expand the conversation beyond my business development and financial planning experiences so I consulted with those that are shoulder deep in it day-in and day-out (all by choice because they love it). The number one negotiation lockup was unanimous, one party chooses not to negotiate. They take a stance that is non-negotiable in their mind and then just decide not to negotiate at all.

Sound all to familiar? It should if you have, or have had, young children. The classic example that I refer to when describing this phenomenon is that of you trying to get them to share a toy. In a two year old’s mind once something is out of their grasp it will never come back and the value (fun) has been lost. Their hand grasps the toy tight and 100% of their focus is on making you stop. Despite facing a significantly less than desirable, or available, outcome they cannot get beyond ‘toy must be in hand’. What they are unable to recognize is that by sharing it provides an opportunity to focus on other toys (value substitution) and include someone that might make playing even more fun (incremental value).

Think about it, when you don’t engage the other side there is no negotiation, just standoff.

The 7 Kill Zones
Want other reasons why negotiations stall? Here are six other most common reasons:

  1. one party chooses not to negotiate
  2. Misunderstanding the others’ points of view, not hearing what’s being said.
  3. One or both sides do not understand the problem and try to resolve the conflict by resolving the wrong problem. This without fail leads to arguments.
  4. One or both parties don’t plan out what they need or even know what they need. That leads to false signals, misunderstandings, weak arguments, confusion.
  5. Negotiating with a person who is not a decision maker, or the subject matter is “out of bounds”.
  6. One party just haggles on one issue; price, time, etc. This is not a negotiation and it may lead to both sides being disappointed by just having a bit of what they really want.
  7. Neither party makes a proposal.

Be True to Self

How can you avoid this dilemma? Answer the following questions before you engage the other party.

  • Why do I want what I want?
  • Do we both have something to gain?
  • If the negotiations end without agreement what’s the cost?
  • Will it help to give them convincing arguments as to why my proposal is fair for them?
  • Am I likely to be defensive or antagonistic with this person?

And lastly, remember that you have two ears and eyes while you only have one mouth. Listen and observe twice as much as you speak. Actively and empathetically digest whatever they say.

Birthday Present Ideas – Find the Best Gifts for Boys

There are some amazing deals to be found on the Internet right now. With sites working day and night to find the must have gifts for boys for 2012 it has never been easier to find presents which will help to make the birthday boy feel extra special this year. To give you an idea of what is proving to be a hit with teenage boys right now here is a list of the best birthday present ideas which are available at amazing prices.

Best Gift Idea for Less than Fifty Pounds

The Phone Controlled Helicopter
Forget about old fashioned remote controls, when it comes to this top selling gadget you no longer need to worry about charging an extra remote and paying out for batteries. That is because this amazing looking aircraft is operated only by your smartphone, iPod Touch or even the iPad. There are plenty of compatible phones which work with the free downloadable app needed to fly the machine. The best news is this top selling toy which has been featured on The Gadget Show is available at a surprisingly low price online making it one of the best gifts for boys.

Best Gift Idea for Less than Twenty Pounds

Mini Microscope for the iPhone
If the person, or people, you are buying for have iPhone 4′s this little gadget makes excellent gift ideas. The mini microphone attaches onto the lens of the camera and allows you to zoom into objects with a 60 x magnification. Not only can you investigate objects closely you can also take a photograph and share it with your friends or on your favourite social network.

Best Gift Idea for Less than Ten Pounds

T-Qualizer Panel for T-Shirts and Tops
This one of the best cool gadget gifts for music lovers who like to make a great impression and stand out from the crowd. The panel acts like a graphic equaliser and can simply be attached to any clothing the wearer chooses. The panel then lights up reacting to the sounds around it or you can select the inbuilt light pattern. A great gift for boys who like to go out to gigs, clubs or pubs or who simply want to impress their friends.

Best Gift Idea for Less than Five Pounds

Touch Screen Gloves
The Smartphone gloves are a must for any boy who loves his mobile touch screen phone. In the cold weather it can be hard to work Smartphones without these gloves. Normal gloves have no grip and so they need to be removed in order to check or send messages, play games or to start a call. The touch screen gloves solve the problem effortlessly and now you can work your phone while keeping your fingers nice and warm at the same time.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Presentation of Crafting

The Elder Scrolls Online: Presentation of crafting

The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG that will be released later on this year. The game is designed using the theme of the Elder Scrolls action RPG single-player games. While it doesn’t attempt to completely change the classic “rules” of MMOs, TESO does contain significant improvements in key aspects of the game, crafting included.

Crafting essentials

To begin with, TESO will have five crafting skills: Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Alchemy, Enchanting and Provisioner. These professions will cover all the items that are needed in-game. Every player will have allocated a number of skill points that he can choose how to divide between the crafting skills of his choice. While, players can invest their skill points in multiple crafting skills to become general crafters, they can also choose to use them all for maximizing only one profession and become a Master Crafter. Being a Master Crafter allows the player to create the best items available for the chosen crafting skill.

Crafting in ESO was designed to be more than just a way to make money and some decent items. Crafters will be able to make gear just as good as end-game PvP and PvE loot, but it won’t be easy.

How crafting works

In essence, every crafted item will require two ingredients (materials). From here, things get complicated, not necessarily in a bad way. TESO crafting system wants the players to experiment. That is why additives can be applied on crafted items. An item can have up to three additives, and different combinations will yield different properties for the item. This allows discovering powerful recipes that players can trade/share.

Based on the above mentioned ingredients, the crafting interface will have two ingredient slots (one for the Primary Ingredient and another one for the Secondary Ingredient) and three additive slots.

Even items looted by doing PvP/PvE content can have additives applied on them to further improve their stats. Items such as weapons and armor will also be created in the racial style of the crafter (e.g.: Orc style if the player is an Orc). However, TESO’s devs hinted that there will be a way for players to learn the other racial styles and even apply them to already created items and change their looks.

Depending on the crafting skill they want to use, player will be able to craft in a special location. Armorsmith and Weaponsmith require an anvil and a forge, Provisioners will need a fire or a campfire, Alchemists can only craft in their laboratory and Enchanters will have a special table they can do their crafting on.


Just like other systems in TESO, crafting encourages interaction between players. Progressing as a crafter is also meant to be fun and challenging at the same time, so results will provide satisfaction. Also, the fact that crafters will be able to make items of similar quality with dungeon and PvP loot gives crafting skills a major role in more than just the game’s economy. You can participate in interesting crafting-related discussions as well as other aspects of the game by joining a dedicated TESO forum or fansite.