The Advantages Of Presenting Personalized Golf Gifts

There are no strict guidelines, no prescriptions adhere to when it comes to gift-giving. It’s tricky though that you select a gift that is of importance and of interest to the gift recipient. For instance, if you want to give a person who’s a lover of golf, you can give him personalized golf gifts. There’s an art in giving gifts, not just in terms of the object you select to give but to the kind of gift presentation, as well.

There are a number of very attractive and unique gift wrapping in the market now, and the choices are endless. So when you decide to surprise a person with a gift, consider selecting a personalized gift item.

If you want to give a person who is a lover of golf, the following are the advantages of personalized golf gifts:

• Budget

One of the advantages of personalized golf gifts is that they need not be expensive or lavish. It is true that playing golf is a very expensive sport endeavor, but there are various gifts you can select from that you can personalize and yet not spend a big amount of money for it.

For a lover of golf, buying a t-shirt with his name and golf logo printed on it is very practical and can be used for a number of times while enjoying a round of golf. You can also select a golf bag and have the recipient’s name printed on it for a more personal touch.

• Thoughtfulness

When you surprise someone with a personalized gift, it means that you are very mindful of the recipient’s own interest. It is a way of conveying that you made an extra effort to make the person happy with the kind of gift you selected. If you want to give your golf buddy a gift, one of the advantages of personalized golf gifts is that it is made especially for him/her. It is your way of making the golf gift recipient feel special because the gift you chose is related to his/her passion.

• Distinct

We all know that at times, when we sport the same accessories like golf bags, golf towels, among others, there is a tendency to confuse our stuff from those belonging to another person. One of the advantages of personalized gifts is that they distinctly identify your belongings from the others.

• Memorable

Another reason or one of the advantages of personalized golf gifts is that they would be remembered by the gift recipient for a long, long time. Most personalized gift items are unique and can hold a sentimental value. In your case, when you give someone a personalized golf gift, let us say a personalized golf ball, the recipient will always remember you as someone who has given her/him a golf ball with a personal touch, as compared if you just sent ordinary golf balls. More meaning, more sentimental value is attached to the personalized golf ball that you gave.

Importance of Detox Health Retreats in the Present Day World

The present day life has become so stressful and so fast paced that we are hardly left anytime to look after the needs of our body. We are always on the run and thus, abuse our body with junk food or canned and frozen food. In such tightly packed schedules one should find time for rejuvenating and detoxifying one’s body. This is when a battered soul can turn towards Detox Health Retreat.

In between so much of commotion and anxiety, health retreats have their own special place. Not only does these retreats include health treatments to freshen up ad rejuvenate the weary body, but also include packages that are highly beneficial in altering our life styles for better and for curing harmful addictions and body abuse. You can easily find such beneficial Health Retreats at plenty of Hotels and Spa Resorts.

Importance of Detox Health Retreats in Present Day World:

The frantic work schedules, stressful and competitive situations, highly polluted and noxious environment and toxic food, takes a toll on our body and mind. It deteriorates our physical and mental abilities, making us less functional and stale.

Tedious and stressful life weakens our body’s immunity and impurities in the environment and food makes our frail body more prone to diseases and ailments. Moreover, lack of healthy eating habits worsens the situation. As we are always on the run and left with little time to shop for healthy food items or prepare a nutritious home meal, we resume to feeding on bogus frozen, processed and canned foods. These food items are unhealthy with little or no nutritional value. They destroy our white cells affecting the body’s immunity and tend to get accumulated in the body, especially in intestines, clogging our Digestive system.

The health retreats helps in detoxifying the body and cleansing out all impurities and harmful agents from the body’s system. This helps in rejuvenating the body and soul and also builds immunity and infection fighting capacity of the body. Many treatments also helps in getting rid of bad addictions that exploits and abuse our mind and body and also helps you to get rid of stress and anxiety, to lead a normal life.

Health Retreats Australia:

  • Australia offers highly beneficial and reviving health treatments in form of well studied and researched packages, with an end result as a goal. These packages leave you feeling fresh and your body stronger and free from all toxins.
  • There are treatments for healthier liver functioning, for reducing oxidative stress and free radical damage, to increase oxygen consumption, to cleanse the Colon, for strengthening the Gastronomically Tract, and many more.

After the retreat, you will be taught to adapt to healthy living options and how to adapt healthy eating habits in our day to day life. Your body and soul is free of all impurities and breeding bacteria. Adapt Yoga and Meditation along with a healthy lifestyle and gift to yourself a healthy mind, body and life.

Presentation Skills – Keeping the Blackberries at Bay

Question: How do you know if an engineer is an extrovert?

Answer: He looks at your shoes when he talks to you! I am allowed to say that, coming from a family of engineers, but it’s exactly to the point of this month’s column on the art of successful presentation design and delivery. At the heart of all successful presentations is a presenter who maintains proper eye-contact with members of the audience at all times.

Microsoft estimates that with over 300 million copies of PowerPoint installed world-wide, something like 3 million presentations are given every day. What they don’t say is that roughly 2.9 million of those are completely ineffective in achieving true knowledge transfer, what presentations are supposed to be about in the first place.

Knowledge transfer occurs, for the most part, when you are able to keep every member of the audience on the same page throughout the entire presentation. Unlike a written report, where the intended audience has the luxury of acquiring the embedded knowledge at his or her own pace, a presentation is actually an event where knowledge transfer is a rather ethereal event; information appears on the screen and is discussed for a fleeting moment in time, and then disappears.

To understand the relationship between an on-screen presentation and a written report (or worse – the presentation printed as a hand-out), think billboard versus magazine ad.

Look me in the eye

To keep the audience together, you first must start with a presentation that allows you to stay engaged with the audience, as opposed to either the screen or your notes. When you lose engagement in business presentations today, you invite audience members to wander, and that’s when the Blackberries blossom.

A key element to successful engagement involves learning proper eye contact, which requires you to hold contact with individuals for anywhere between 3-7 seconds, or until you have completed one thought. At which point, you pause and move to another person and do the same. Most presenters look at one person no more than ½ to 1 second at a time, if that, and then only when they’re not looking up at the ceiling or down at the floor. Or, with extroverted engineers, your shoes.

Modern presentation theory teaches a conversational approach to presenting, because that’s the way to maximize both comfort and trust between you and the audience. By practicing some fairly simple eye contact techniques, you can deliver to a group of 500 without ever feeling more anxiety than you would when discussing your job to friends around a lunch table. Most people find that hard to believe until they’ve received some training, but when you get it down, it’s rather powerful stuff!

People like to talk about themselves, about what they do, and about what they know. Your presentations should be like that. Use the screen to keep yourself in a pre-set direction, use it to list all the points you want to be sure to make, but deliver the presentation itself from the heart. People care somewhat about content, but what moves them to interest is hearing how you feel about it. To get across emotion, you want to be conversational.

Reading is NOT fundamental

Your job as presentation designer, therefore, is to create visuals that further this process rather than hamper it. Your slides need to contain only as much information as is necessary to start the conversation, and allow you to continue it while engaging individuals in the audience with your eyes. You are not there to read slides – the audience could do that quite easily for themselves, thank you. If you’re reading from the screen, you’re not engaging the audience. If your eyes are anywhere but in contact with a listener, the audience is actually dis-engaged.

The other problem with trying to deliver a presentation that contains lengthy streams of prose is that the people who came to hear you speak can read words about 40% faster than you can speak them – 250 words per minute for them vs. 150 wpm for you. It is the equivalent of having a minivan that waits until the last minute to pull out into the road in front of you, and then proceeds to drive 40% slower than the speed limit you were pleasantly exceeding.

When there is too much information on the screen, especially in the form of sentences, not only does the reading process rob the audience of their precious time, it also leads to breaking the essential bond between you and the audience that occurs only with constant eye contact. When you project up TMI, you are forced, by design, to turn your back to the audience as you read from the screen.

As practitioners of the conversational approach know, nothing works more to bind you with the audience than the proper use of eye contact, summed up with this rule:

If eyes aren’t locked then your jaw must be.

With a visual so complex that it forces you to read from the screen, this all-important component to proper presenting is lost, attention erodes, and the only contact your audience seeks is with people at the other end of their wireless devices.

Absorb, Align, and Address:

The solution, then, is to restrict the volume of information at each exposure to that which can be absorbed by both you and the audience in just a few seconds – 10 at the most. The proper procedure for achieving transfer of information from the screen to the audience involves a process we call Absorb, Align, and Address, but that is a the subject of an article all its own.