Wealth-Building – The Truth About Presents

Wealth creation too often is seen as a process of receiving windfall gifts or presents. Wealth-building is all about giving first. With the right giving you will establish a lifetime of receiving. These are the keys to right giving.

Asking The Right Questions .

The importance of asking the right questions is brought out early in the experience of wealth-builders. In getting to the right questions you will do well to discover the wrong questions.

First on the list will be- “What presents am I going to receive?”

Top of the list for right questions will be “How can I give others of my presence to improve their life?” Also included will be “What random acts of kindness can I bless them with?”, “What free ebooks can I send them?” “What teleseminars can I run to show my desire to improve their wealth-building program?”

Finding The Right Presents

Your focus, as a serious wealth-builder should always be on “presence” not on “presents”. Your “presence” is what you give out to others. Your “presents” are what you receive from others. The Right Presents are found in the time you spend with family, loved ones and clients. This time must be first quality with you giving your undivided attention.

Family and loved ones respond by showering you with the presents you love to receive.

Clients give an endless stream of purchase orders – the kind of stream that convinces you all your blessings have come at once.

As you get busy Asking the Right Questions and Finding The Right Presents you will get the revelation that Your Presence is of far greater value than Your Presents.

When it comes to effective wealth-building the truth about presents is that they come from people who have been touched beforehand by your presence in their lives. Your words, thoughts, actions, and prayers that have followed your presence in their lives will be rewarded.

Count your blessings as you consider that not all presents come gift wrapped. When you give in secret you are rewarded in secret.

Copyright 2005 Kenneth Little

Pump Up: How To Deliver A Dynamic Sales Presentation

As many professionals know, sales presentation training provides a step-by-step method for delivering engaging and exciting sales presentations. But what if you’re short on time, short on money and have a big pitch to give tomorrow?

If so, you’re in luck. Read on and discover 5 easy steps to guarantee your sales presentation is a winner.

As a business professional, you face an unprecedented number of challenges for connecting with customers and prospects. People are notoriously busy, frazzled and running like crazy. They don’t want to be bothered unless they understand the value and ROI. On top of that, many people have wildly short attention spans. If you don’t catch them with relevant information in the first 7 seconds, your pitch is toast.

What can you do to overcome these obstacles? Learn how to boost your energy, communicate with passion, and engage every target buyer. Follow these 5 steps and you’ll be ‘good to go’ even for a last-minute presentation in front of important prospects.

Step 1. Eat Up
Yes, just like Mom told you-you need to eat to be strong. Have a light snack with protein and vegetables so your energy is steady. Hint: watch out not to overeat or you’ll be sorry when you are standing in front of your top client.

Step 2. Drink Up
Hydrate! In summer heat and winter dryness alike, drinking enough water is extra important. When you’re presenting in front of clients, make sure you have had enough clear spring water to drink. Hint: drink water before you are in the spotlight. It doesn’t look so great if you’re chugging away in front of a formal crowd.

While many professionals use ‘hydrating’ as a reason to drink water non-stop, this can distract busy decision makers. If you want to be absolutely certain about your delivery skills, get the feedback from a professional presentation coach. This is a very valuable investment, as you will get candid feedback and practical tips you’ll use for your entire career.

Step 3. Pump Up
Manage your personal energy. Some experienced presenters prefer to get outside before a big event. Others like to do some breathing exercises or warm up with simple stretches. Master you personal energy by paying attention to your body.

If you’re sore, stiff or out of sorts, pay special attention to get limber. The more comfortable you are when you walk in the room, the more you’ll communicate confidence and ease.

As you may have learned in a formal presentation skills training, body language is the first thing your audience is looking at. When you are confident and project a strong comfort in your movement, your audience will sense this. According to recent research, your body language accounts for 52% of what people remember about your presentation

Step 4. Read Up
Knowledge is power. Know everything you can about your client, their industry, news and trends. Understand the core problems, issues and challenges they face. The more you read, the more you’ll know. Bring evidence of your reading. Waving around an industry magazine, whitepaper or report is a powerful way to show that you are ‘in the know.’ Citing specific statistics from these documents pumps up your presentation to a higher standard.

Step 5. Measure Up
Every aspect of sales presenting is worth measuring. When you measure what you are doing, you’ll know what’s working…and what can be improved.

One of the best ways to instill the habit of measuring is to create a routine or habit. Decide when and how you will measure your performance, and track your results. Here’s a hint that’s stood the test of time: measure as soon as possible after you give your presentation. This is when you’ll have all the crucial details in mind. You’ll remember what you ate, drank, did, and read. You will know all the details of your delivery in crystal clear precision.

Many of my clients enjoy using a presentation journal to track each step of planning, preparation and performance. If you decide to use a journal, use it immediately after your client presentation. Then, set a time-weekly, monthly and quarterly-to review your performance results.

If getting dramatic improvement in your sales results is important to you, use all 5 steps to pump up your presentation delivery skills.

3 Behind the Scenes Secrets to a Terrific Presentation

So often I’m telling you how important it is to have a Signature Talk (and it is!). What you ask me is why and HOW? Why is easy: having a Signature Talk raises your expert status and bottom line. How can be tricky so today I want to share a few key tips for giving a terrific presentation.

1. Perhaps the most important and often overlooked aspect of being a good presenter is connecting with your audience. Think of yourself as in relationship with your entire audience. Each time you present, even when you present the same material, is a unique event. It’s a performance experience that connects you, your vision and your audience in a way that enlightens everyone and grows your business. How do you connect with your audience? Understand that you are there to serve them and they truly do want to hear your message. Connect with them through your voice by speaking with enthusiasm, with your body by standing tall and making eye contact and with your message by using clear and memorable language.

2. That brings us to my second tip which is your content. Create a clear and compelling presentation that shares what you have promised to share without overloading your audience with information. Organize your presentation into an introduction where you explain what they can expect from your presentation (who are you, why are you here and what will they learn by the end of your talk), a body where you share your content and a conclusion where you remind them of your key points and explain how they can get more (i.e. your call to action). In general, you only want to have 3-5 key points in your presentation. This is a rule of thumb there are many ways to organize a presentation but when in doubt stick with 3-5 points.

3. What ties together everything for a terrific presentation? YOU. Your personality is your #1 asset. Don’t be afraid to express who you are. If you’re funny; be funny. If you’re serious; be serious. If you’re amazing at statistics; throw in some statistics. Hey, if you do a cool magic trick it might make a great ice breaker. The key is to be yourself. There is no one right way to present. You need to follow the rules of connecting with your audience, writing compelling content, being prepared, etc., but beyond that there are no rules. Allow your passion for your subject and for your desire for your audience to be successful to shine through. Let the audience know that you care about them. Be genuine and transparent. Be everything that you are. That’s the real secret to a terrific presentation and it’s what makes all the other pieces fall effortlessly into place.

Have fun with this!