Wealth-Building – The Truth About Presents

Wealth creation too often is seen as a process of receiving windfall gifts or presents. Wealth-building is all about giving first. With the right giving you will establish a lifetime of receiving. These are the keys to right giving.

Asking The Right Questions .

The importance of asking the right questions is brought out early in the experience of wealth-builders. In getting to the right questions you will do well to discover the wrong questions.

First on the list will be- “What presents am I going to receive?”

Top of the list for right questions will be “How can I give others of my presence to improve their life?” Also included will be “What random acts of kindness can I bless them with?”, “What free ebooks can I send them?” “What teleseminars can I run to show my desire to improve their wealth-building program?”

Finding The Right Presents

Your focus, as a serious wealth-builder should always be on “presence” not on “presents”. Your “presence” is what you give out to others. Your “presents” are what you receive from others. The Right Presents are found in the time you spend with family, loved ones and clients. This time must be first quality with you giving your undivided attention.

Family and loved ones respond by showering you with the presents you love to receive.

Clients give an endless stream of purchase orders – the kind of stream that convinces you all your blessings have come at once.

As you get busy Asking the Right Questions and Finding The Right Presents you will get the revelation that Your Presence is of far greater value than Your Presents.

When it comes to effective wealth-building the truth about presents is that they come from people who have been touched beforehand by your presence in their lives. Your words, thoughts, actions, and prayers that have followed your presence in their lives will be rewarded.

Count your blessings as you consider that not all presents come gift wrapped. When you give in secret you are rewarded in secret.

Copyright 2005 Kenneth Little

Presenting a Compelling Business Story

Every business needs to have a definitive position and a compelling story. Customers won’t buy anything from you or even entertain the idea if you don’t have a story that touches them on an emotional level. It’s human nature.

Before you can ever have a prayer of getting a prospective customer to consider buying anything from you, you need to make them understand that you have the ability to solve their problems and the reason that you can solve their problems is because you have been where they are at some point in the past. That is the emotional connection. Your story must meet some objectives. First, it must demonstrate your hook in the marketplace. In other words, it must show why people should hire you over your competition. Second, it must go deeper into the reasons why your competition’s offerings are a thing of the past and why yours are what is relevant right now. In order to establish those objectives, you need to ask the following questions:

Why does your prospective customer need what you are offering at this very minute?

It is critical that you identify your customer’s problems and come up with a way to solve those problems. If you are able to do that, your prospective customer will see you in a whole new light and your credibility and trustworthiness will start to take hold. You should be able to express a deep understanding of what your customer is going through and offer a solution or one of several solutions to them. Another part of the conversation should be an explanation about why the solution to the problem should be executed right away.

What makes your solution different (and better) than someone else’s solution?

The chances are very good that your prospective customer agrees with you that a solution is needed; however, the part that will possibly take some convincing is making a move from the old vendor to you. Many prospective customers are reluctant to make a commitment right away. Change is difficult and there is the fear that there will be some irreversible consequence if a decision is made impulsively or too quickly. Your conversation can go something like this:

Identify the prospective customer’s problem.
Explain why a fresh approach is so important and why it will be effective.
Come up with three to four possible solutions to their problems.
Convince the person that only you can give them what they need.
You also need to convey how your solving the person’s problems will improve his or her life. Your story should also include the idea that the person’s future will be better because of your having solved his or her problems. When it comes to sharing your story, you not only need to use a catchy phrase that will attract the person but your story should have much more substance than that. It should really touch the person and make them feel that what they are experiencing is not unique to them. They should be made to understand that you can empathize with exactly what they are going through.


Presenting your story, a story that is compelling, sensitive, educational and human is the only way that you will successfully touch the other person. You need to make him or her understand that you truly feel what they feel and that you have the ability to solve whichever problems they are experiencing.

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Presentation Boxes: A Better Way To Package And Send Your Gift Items To That Special Someone

Are you looking for a special way to surprise your friends, loved ones or business associates? Then you should making use of these special presentation boxes. Gifts are a special way to appreciate people and also show them how much you love them. Using these specially customized boxes will not only enhance the value of your gift items, but also make the recipient value them the more. These presentation boxes, tell a lot about your personality. They show how loving and caring you are, to those that are special to you. They also expose your creativity to your friends. You can come up with any special design or color combination that you want to have. You can decide to add some artistic and vibrant looks to your presentation boxes. All of these, makes them special.

Modern technology and man’s desire to live a better life has made it possible for us to make some advancement in technology. As a result of these achievements, it is now very possible to produce special packaging for any product that we can think of. Printing companies have made some improvements lately. They now use special printing techniques, both for colors and shaping of the boxes. The presentation boxes can be made very unique and special. You can customize it to any shape or size that you want, to complement your gifts. You can start to decorate these boxes, both from the inside to the outside. For the inside of these boxes can be embellished with a special lining. The lining you can use can be of either card, linen satin or ornamental bordering material. You can also add some special feature like a decorated mold, just to fit in your item in them.

Manufacturers have made some tremendous improvements, when it comes to creating presentation boxes. These experts are more of fancies and special designs that can create a lasting impression in the minds of the recipients. Before you make up your mind, concerning the styling of your presentation boxes, you should be very conscious about the theme that you choose for your packaging design. The appearance of these boxes, should go in accordance with the event they are meant for. Take for instance, if you want to present gifts to your colleagues in a business meeting, you should make sure that your presentation boxes are specially customized to look professional and elegant. If they are also to be given away on a musical concert or a movie theatre, you can provide a style that is hip and somehow funky.

Professional printing companies are very informed when it comes to making suggestions, concerning the design of these boxes. They know the type of design that will match your gift items, as well as how to customize it to suit your events. If you are having your birthday party coming up, this is a special way to make your event unique and fantastic. You can customize it to any desired shape, size or add special lettering to make them catchy peculiar to that event. The presentation boxes are very cost-effective but yet have great value and use. Get experts that knows what it is to make every gift that you present to someone count, and you will be glad you did.