Birthday Present Ideas – Find the Best Gifts for Boys

There are some amazing deals to be found on the Internet right now. With sites working day and night to find the must have gifts for boys for 2012 it has never been easier to find presents which will help to make the birthday boy feel extra special this year. To give you an idea of what is proving to be a hit with teenage boys right now here is a list of the best birthday present ideas which are available at amazing prices.

Best Gift Idea for Less than Fifty Pounds

The Phone Controlled Helicopter
Forget about old fashioned remote controls, when it comes to this top selling gadget you no longer need to worry about charging an extra remote and paying out for batteries. That is because this amazing looking aircraft is operated only by your smartphone, iPod Touch or even the iPad. There are plenty of compatible phones which work with the free downloadable app needed to fly the machine. The best news is this top selling toy which has been featured on The Gadget Show is available at a surprisingly low price online making it one of the best gifts for boys.

Best Gift Idea for Less than Twenty Pounds

Mini Microscope for the iPhone
If the person, or people, you are buying for have iPhone 4′s this little gadget makes excellent gift ideas. The mini microphone attaches onto the lens of the camera and allows you to zoom into objects with a 60 x magnification. Not only can you investigate objects closely you can also take a photograph and share it with your friends or on your favourite social network.

Best Gift Idea for Less than Ten Pounds

T-Qualizer Panel for T-Shirts and Tops
This one of the best cool gadget gifts for music lovers who like to make a great impression and stand out from the crowd. The panel acts like a graphic equaliser and can simply be attached to any clothing the wearer chooses. The panel then lights up reacting to the sounds around it or you can select the inbuilt light pattern. A great gift for boys who like to go out to gigs, clubs or pubs or who simply want to impress their friends.

Best Gift Idea for Less than Five Pounds

Touch Screen Gloves
The Smartphone gloves are a must for any boy who loves his mobile touch screen phone. In the cold weather it can be hard to work Smartphones without these gloves. Normal gloves have no grip and so they need to be removed in order to check or send messages, play games or to start a call. The touch screen gloves solve the problem effortlessly and now you can work your phone while keeping your fingers nice and warm at the same time.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Presentation of Classes

Short analysis of the classes system

While it does adopt the major MMORPG architecture, TESO will also implement some new systems and features. For example, even if players can choose to play specific classes, they will not have any related restrictions in-game such as not being able to visit certain areas.

Also, a class will represent a unique set of abilities for a character, not the weapon options.

For now, not all classes have been officially presented but we do know for sure that TESO players will be able to play the Dragonknight and Templar classes. Unofficial rumors state that Nightblade, Sorcerer and Warden classes will also be available in-game. Since the game is currently in beta stage and many players will be invited to play as testers more information regarding classes will become available. You can stay up to date by checking out TESO news on the official website and dedicated fan-sites.


The Dragonknight is a highly proficient and versatile warrior. Through its skills and ability to wield various types of weapons, the Dragonknight is able to perform various roles in combat, specifically assassin, tank or ranged DPS. This class has powerful crowd control and damage-dealing abilities such as Fiery-Reach, an ability that pulls enemies towards the Dragonknight and simultaneously stuns and burns them. Other abilities include Slam which causes both stun and knockdown and Spiked Armor, a buff that offers damage resistance and returns physical damage to the opponent.


The Templar has powerful healing skills but is also capable of dealing damage. Using a light-based attack system, the Templar’s damage abilities require magicka. However, its healing abilities are also very important since they do not have cooldowns and can be used very often on both himself and allies.

Sun-Strike and Sun-Fire are two of the Templar’s damage dealing abilities. The first one is his basic attack and the second one is medium-ranged and more powerful. Both require Magicka. Rushed Ceremony is an area-of-effect healing spell that lets the Templar heal all allies in a nearby radius.


The Sorcerer is a powerful damage dealer that relies on magical attacks. Sorcerer characters will have three skill trees to choose from: Dark Magic, which offers various crowd control abilities; Daedric Summoning that allows summoning critters to fight along your side but also provides several buff abilities; Storm Calling, which allows players to use lightning-based damage spells.


Concerning the other two mentioned classes, the Nightblade and the Warden no information is currently available. Since we are getting closer to TESO’s launch date we will find out more about all of the classes, their skill trees and abilities. Be sure to check out the latest TESO news regularly on specialized websites to stay informed concerning the game’s features.

Business Management – How to Prepare For an Important Presentation

One of the key skills a manager must master is to have the ability to communicate effectively. This skill is invaluable when it comes to giving presentations.

When you watched the great speakers of our time they stepped up to the podium with an air of confidence. They then, proceeded to deliver an amazing spellbinding speech that ends with a rapturous applause. They make it look so easy. Even for the greatest speakers of our time this ability to communicate effectively did not happen overnight. It was a skill that they honed and prepared for.

Therefore, if you want to be an effective speaker and presenter you will been need to prepare and practice. The following tips will help you do this:

1. Identify your audience

This is the most important point as what you say and how you say it will be determined by the audience you are presenting to. The information that you are presenting must be relevant to them or else it will be a waste of time for everyone.

2. Determine your objective

Work out what you want to achieve with the presentation. For example, are you trying to influence potential clients to give you a new account or persuading the Managing Director to give you a bigger budget. Your objective will define the approach that you need to take. Begin by writing down the main purpose, the main points relating to the purpose, your target audience and structure the presentation to give it the greatest impact.

3. How you present

This will be determined a lot by the amount of time that you have available to present. If you have more time then you can include more details. However, with longer presentations you need to work harder at keeping your audience’s attention. Therefore, you may need to break your presentation in to sections and combine visuals or a video to prevent people’s minds from wandering.

4. Presentation structure

Outline the main points of your presentation and under these main points include any supporting evidence. At this point you may want to think about how you can include graphs are photographs to support certain points. When you have this completed you can then develop the introduction and the conclusion of your presentation. Your introduction should set the tone of the presentation and communicate to the audience what they will learn from it. Your conclusion should sum up the main points and reinforce the main purpose of your presentation.