Things To Think Of While You Make Your Presentation

It is a wise thing to plan what you will be saying and doing before your presentation starts. Even more important be cognizant of what is going on in the customers’ mind during the presentation. You want to make the prospect want to own what you are presenting. During the presentation keep these things in mind and be aware of them.

Try to find out what their needs are:

You must find out the hot button, the most important motive that would cause the prospect to buy. Is it convenience, pride of ownership, accuracy etc.?
What is the prospects biggest headache or his greatest weakness in what he is doing now?
How is he doing what he is doing now?

Explain Benefits
Here you show clearly how each of the major benefits applies to his business. How will what you are presenting benefit him, help him obtain more profits, provide greater convenience, perhaps more or better information.

Proof- Offer it.
Are your claims backed up by evidence? Does what you are demonstrating fit his needs? You can use testimonials, user lists, literature, portfolios.
Is there anyone near that the prospect can call or visit to support your claims? ( Careful here, before you do this make sure the person you recommend is on your side and will support, not hinder you.)
Can you compare the present way things are being done to what you are presenting. Emphasize the benefits of using what you are presenting and prove it? Try the split T method, Column A what is being done now. Column B how it will be improved.

Close-Ask for the order
A gentleman who was old, wise and monumentally successful when I was just starting out would say one thing to me while I passed his desk on the way out of the office “Do not forget to ask for the order”. Did you get agreement on several points or on the main point – did you hit the hot buttons?
Did you answer all questions and handle all objections that were raised?
A good way to close is to sum up each of the agreed upon points and ask for the order.

Trying to envision these things before the presentation starts is helpful but keeping them in mind during the presentation is what will give you the best chance for success.

Oh and let me add this,” Do not forget to ask for the order”.

Birthday Present Ideas – Find the Best Gifts for Boys

There are some amazing deals to be found on the Internet right now. With sites working day and night to find the must have gifts for boys for 2012 it has never been easier to find presents which will help to make the birthday boy feel extra special this year. To give you an idea of what is proving to be a hit with teenage boys right now here is a list of the best birthday present ideas which are available at amazing prices.

Best Gift Idea for Less than Fifty Pounds

The Phone Controlled Helicopter
Forget about old fashioned remote controls, when it comes to this top selling gadget you no longer need to worry about charging an extra remote and paying out for batteries. That is because this amazing looking aircraft is operated only by your smartphone, iPod Touch or even the iPad. There are plenty of compatible phones which work with the free downloadable app needed to fly the machine. The best news is this top selling toy which has been featured on The Gadget Show is available at a surprisingly low price online making it one of the best gifts for boys.

Best Gift Idea for Less than Twenty Pounds

Mini Microscope for the iPhone
If the person, or people, you are buying for have iPhone 4′s this little gadget makes excellent gift ideas. The mini microphone attaches onto the lens of the camera and allows you to zoom into objects with a 60 x magnification. Not only can you investigate objects closely you can also take a photograph and share it with your friends or on your favourite social network.

Best Gift Idea for Less than Ten Pounds

T-Qualizer Panel for T-Shirts and Tops
This one of the best cool gadget gifts for music lovers who like to make a great impression and stand out from the crowd. The panel acts like a graphic equaliser and can simply be attached to any clothing the wearer chooses. The panel then lights up reacting to the sounds around it or you can select the inbuilt light pattern. A great gift for boys who like to go out to gigs, clubs or pubs or who simply want to impress their friends.

Best Gift Idea for Less than Five Pounds

Touch Screen Gloves
The Smartphone gloves are a must for any boy who loves his mobile touch screen phone. In the cold weather it can be hard to work Smartphones without these gloves. Normal gloves have no grip and so they need to be removed in order to check or send messages, play games or to start a call. The touch screen gloves solve the problem effortlessly and now you can work your phone while keeping your fingers nice and warm at the same time.

Wealth-Building – The Truth About Presents

Wealth creation too often is seen as a process of receiving windfall gifts or presents. Wealth-building is all about giving first. With the right giving you will establish a lifetime of receiving. These are the keys to right giving.

Asking The Right Questions .

The importance of asking the right questions is brought out early in the experience of wealth-builders. In getting to the right questions you will do well to discover the wrong questions.

First on the list will be- “What presents am I going to receive?”

Top of the list for right questions will be “How can I give others of my presence to improve their life?” Also included will be “What random acts of kindness can I bless them with?”, “What free ebooks can I send them?” “What teleseminars can I run to show my desire to improve their wealth-building program?”

Finding The Right Presents

Your focus, as a serious wealth-builder should always be on “presence” not on “presents”. Your “presence” is what you give out to others. Your “presents” are what you receive from others. The Right Presents are found in the time you spend with family, loved ones and clients. This time must be first quality with you giving your undivided attention.

Family and loved ones respond by showering you with the presents you love to receive.

Clients give an endless stream of purchase orders – the kind of stream that convinces you all your blessings have come at once.

As you get busy Asking the Right Questions and Finding The Right Presents you will get the revelation that Your Presence is of far greater value than Your Presents.

When it comes to effective wealth-building the truth about presents is that they come from people who have been touched beforehand by your presence in their lives. Your words, thoughts, actions, and prayers that have followed your presence in their lives will be rewarded.

Count your blessings as you consider that not all presents come gift wrapped. When you give in secret you are rewarded in secret.

Copyright 2005 Kenneth Little